Mechanisms/Multi-Body Dynamics

mechanism-simulationThe analysis of mechanisms presents many unique challenges including the need to accurately model multi-body interaction via joints, bearings, contact, gear systems, and other constraints. Kinematic analysis is a critical element in understanding mechanism performance, as are strength and structural dynamics assessments, which generally depend on mechanism configuration. At ATA we leverage a diverse portfolio of software solutions and in-house expertise to address all these issues of mechanism simulation, routinely analyzing sophisticated nonlinear systems.

Expertise From Experience

msl_touchdownProject examples include dynamic response analysis of robotic manipulators and multi-body dynamic simulation of spacecraft landing, animatronics, and amusement park motion simulators. ATA has experience in incorporating flexible bodies and performing large-scale design studies. We have also solved flexible multi-body challenges including nonlinear mechanism simulations involving contact and plasticity.

Our strong background in mechanisms has led to successful analysis of planetary gear systems as well as spacecraft deployment systems. Our team has developed custom scripts to perform, e.g., complex Monte Carlo simulations of mission-critical spacecraft mechanisms to understand design robustness.


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Loads and Dynamics

ATA can help define the environments for your structural analysis.

Modal Testing

ATA is the leading expert in large modal tests.