Qualification Testing

qualification-testQualification, functional, and operational testing are important steps in evaluating how well spacecraft, launch vehicles, and other mechanical/electrical systems perform under severe loading conditions that occur during launch and operation. ATA has conducted acoustic and vibration qualification testing of numerous launch vehicles and spacecraft components. Vibration qualification testing encompasses random vibration, sine sweep, and multi-sine inputs.

Modal testing is typically performed before and after qualification testing to evaluate if the hardware was damaged during the qualification test. This method provides an overall view of the structures stiffness and damping, which if changed, can indicate if and where damage may have occurred.

Acoustic qualification testing is performed to evaluate loads induced by launch vehicles from airborne noise. ATA has experience utilizing acoustic chambers and free field testing with the use of loudspeakers.

Qualification Testing Solutions

ATA can provide a solution for most qualification type tests. We will support your need with an experienced test team and a wide selection of data acquisition and testing hardware. Complete instrumentation and data collection and data processing services are provided. ATA support allows efficient acquisition and analysis of critical qualification testing measurements.

6-DOF Functional Testing Solutions

dof-functional-testingATA Engineering has developed a unique solution to provide functional testing of electronic components while subjected to six degrees of freedom (6-DOF) vibration. The system, shown in the photo, utilizes eight electro-dynamic shakers to control all 6 degrees of freedom at multiple sinusoidal frequencies. A control matrix consisting of 6-DOF (3 translations and 3 rotations) at 17 different frequencies is used as the control. Our system successfully inputs these 102 points to within 5% of the specified values. This 6-DOF test bed is one example of a unique qualification test solution that we can provide for our customers.

Operational Testing Solutions

industrial-rotating-structureOperational testing includes vibration troubleshooting, measurements of machinery while operating, vehicle measurements while driving, and other functional tests. ATA can help you determine causes of high vibrations levels caused by rotating or vibrating equipment. Operating deflection shapes can also help visualize what is going on to determine root cause of excessive vibration. ATA has rugged, battery-powered data acquisition systems that can record strain, acceleration, tachometer, and other signals using a stand-alone small package.

Acoustic Testing

Use our testing services to measure acoustic loads and correlate analysis.

Analysis Services

Gain more insight into your structure’s behavior with our analysis solutions.

Strain Testing

ATA has over 30 years of experience in performing strain and fatigue testing.