Siemens PLM Software

ATA is a value-added reseller (VAR) for Siemens PLM Software CAE packages. Unlike other VARs, we use these products every day in our services business to solve real world problems and provide live technical support for each of the software packages that we sell.
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ATA Software

Advanced engineering is challenging enough without many of the limitations found in commercial engineering software packages. ATA develops in-house custom software to complement the commercial packages and markets these solutions to our customers.
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Other Software Tools

ATA is a leading provider in the application of advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to drive efficient, optimized product development through design, analysis, and test. Our engineering staff are experts in the use of a wide variety of software tools.
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Methods Development

ATA is a leader in the development of innovative methods that transcend the limitations of current analysis and test tools. From data translators to advanced signal processing, our engineers are expert in advancing the state of the art.
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Training Services

ATA is the Siemens PLM Software-preferred training provider and developer of courseware.
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